Businesses and commercial properties pose a unique challenge when it comes to security. More often than not, you want your doors to be wide open and welcoming to bring in customers — but that can also have an impact on your business’s physical security. As your local lock and key experts, A&M Mobile Locksmith is here to help you strike that balance between keeping everything as secure as possible and welcoming in customers.

It Starts With Better Locks

Any high-tech security system is only as good as the physical locks that secure each door. If you’re concerned about your business’s security, the best place to start is with the basics. Connect with our commercial locksmith team for help with everything from basic lock repair to key card-operated access control devices. We can create master key systems for use when you need multiple employees to have access to the keys. We can also install keyless entry locks and a variety of other high-security lock types to help secure your building or add additional security measures to certain areas of your building that need the protection. We have the tools and know-how to install the most sophisticated locks on the market, the better to provide up-to-date protection for your premises. 

If you’re concerned about your business’s or property’s security, start by giving us a call. Our local locksmiths can come by and thoroughly assess your property to look for any potential gaps in security. From there, we can provide suggestions on how to improve security that are customized based on your business and customer needs, your property, and any other security concerns that come into play. Maybe it’s new locks, or maybe a key card-operated access control system will be the best benefit. Whatever the case, we’ll walk you through the options and answer any questions you might have.

Emergency Lockouts 

When it comes to protecting your business, safeguarding your employees is just as important as the physical security for your building. In the event of a lockout situation, our commercial locksmith team can arrive quickly to unlock your business, repair a lock, or whatever else needs doing to reverse the lockout — but only after taking the time to ensure that the person requesting access is allowed to have it. We recognize the potential for fraudulent calls, so our locksmith team does our due diligence in order to keep your business as secure as possible. 

From lost keys to broken locks, we pride ourselves in responding quickly to any locksmith emergency, no matter where you are in the greater Houston area. From Katy to Humble to Baytown to League City, we have a team of licensed, trained locksmiths on call so we can reach you quickly. We even offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services because we know that some situations just can’t wait for traditional business hours. 

Whatever your commercial needs are, the A&M Mobile Locksmith team is here to help. Connect with us today to schedule service or arrange for expedient emergency help across Houston.

Increase your building’s usability with all new remote locks or a keycard entry system. Our technicians have the experience to install the most sophisticated locks on the market today!

Houston Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Rekeying Locks & Master Keying Creation
  • New Lock Installation, Fire Exit Devices
  • Door Pivots & Hinge Repairs
  • Lock Unlock Indicators
  • Magnetic Lock Installation
  • Keyless Entry Locks
  • Buzzer Entry Lock Installation
  • City Fire Code Lock Installation
  • ADA Lock Installation