Accidents happen — it’s an unfortunate fact of life. One moment, you may be rushing out the door, and the next, you realize you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside the house. When moments like this happen, it can feel like your whole day is wrecked! But there’s no need to worry; the A&M Mobile Locksmith team is here to help with any emergency locksmith situation. From The Woodlands to Pearland and Sugar Land over to Baytown, we offer quick, experienced locksmith services when you need us, any time, day or night. That includes: 

Vehicle Lockouts

It’s more common than you might expect to accidentally shut your keys in the trunk or forget the key in the ignition and lock the doors. It has become less common with electronic key fobs, but it happens to the best of us! Whatever you do, please don’t try to pop the lock on your own. Without the skills and tools of a trained locksmith, you’re more likely to cause additional — and more expensive — damage to your vehicle. 

With our tools and know-how, an A&M technician can help you get back into your vehicle without additional damage. We can pop a lock easily enough for any vehicle, and we also have the tools to rekey car locks or cut a new key if yours is lost or broken. No matter what your need, or the time of day, our emergency locksmith team can help you get back into your vehicle and on the road once more. 

Home Lockouts

Just like with your vehicle, getting locked out of your house can be a nuisance. More than that, if your young kids are locked inside, this is a true emergency scenario — in a situation where your children are in danger, you may want to call the police to force your door. While that’s the fastest option, you are probably also looking at a damaged door and/or lock. If you and your loved ones are safe, the best option is to call us, your local emergency locksmith team. An A&M technician will get there as quickly as possible, but remember that we have to deal with the Houston traffic, just like you. We have a team of experienced technicians across the Houston area ready to help pop a lock, perform on-site key cutting, and whatever else is needed to keep your home secure. 

Business Lockouts

When it comes to running your business, there are a lot more concerns about security — and more possibilities for lockouts to happen. Similar to our residential lockout help, our mobile locksmith team can arrive quickly and unlock your business or property. We can also set up master key systems, keyless entry locks, and other access control devices to minimize the risk of situations like that happening in the future. 

If you need an emergency locksmith anywhere across Houston, our local locksmith team is here for you. Call A&M Mobile Locksmith any time, 24/7.