Your home is your haven, a place to relax and be yourself. It’s where your loved ones live and where you keep your belongings, including your most treasured possessions. Keeping your home secure is super important, and in today’s blog, we’ve got a few tips to help you boost your home security.

Lock Windows And Doors

Don’t make it easy for intruders to simply walk into your home and take whatever they want. Keep your doors and windows locked, even when you’re inside. If you want to open windows to let fresh air in, try to open the ones that are hard to access from the outside, or open your windows just a crack. Keep all your exit doors locked, including your front door, back door, and garage door. If you open a door to let air circulate, invest in a screen door with a locking mechanism, and keep it locked.

When you leave your house, be sure to close and lock all doors and windows. Make it a habit to double-check all of your entry points when you leave and again when you return. If anything looks amiss, you may want to contact the authorities. In addition, we at A&M Locksmith can be over right away with a new lock installation for your security and peace of mind.

Know Who Has Your Key

It’s not a bad idea to give a spare key to a trusted relative. However, keep track of any keys that you give to others for safekeeping. Be sure they are trustworthy and will not let your spare key fall into the wrong hands.

If cleaning services or repair persons have access to your keys, once again, make sure they can be trusted. While the majority of businesses are reputable and can be trusted, you can’t simply assume that this is the case without first doing your due diligence and vetting the company. Check with the Better Business Bureau, read reviews, and trust your gut feeling; don’t just give your key to any business! Do thorough research beforehand.

When In Doubt, Replace Your Lock

Does it look like someone has tampered with your locks? Does something look amiss with any of your doors, windows, or lock mechanisms? If something doesn’t look right, don’t take chances. Call a reliable mobile locksmith like our company to come in and complete new lock installations. Your home and everyone in it need to be protected, and new locks can help protect them.

Add Motion-activated Lights

Install motion-sensitive lights by your front and back doors, as well as along any home exterior sections where a burglar or an intruder may try to hide. Motion-activated lights will help visitors walk to your front door safely while simultaneously scaring away intruders and anyone who wants to break into your house.

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