Most of us have done it.

We walk back to our car and fumble through our purse or dig into our pockets only to find that our keys are missing. A moment of panic ensues. Where could the keys be?

A peek through the car windows provides the answer: you’ve locked your keys in your car!

What do you do when you’ve locked yourself out of your car?

Start here for important answers on how to best handle this situation.

Take A Deep Breath

First, calm down. Take a deep breath so you can proceed with clarity.

Is there anyone inside the car? Can they unlock the doors from the inside? If so, then your problem has been solved.

Is there a pet or young child in the car? If so, get help immediately! Call 911. It’s hot inside your car, even if it feels cool outside. You need emergency personnel to arrive right away and get the child or pet out to safety. If nobody can arrive quickly enough, you may need to break a window to save the child or pet trapped inside.

If there’s nobody inside, that’s good! There’s still another important question to consider: Are you in any danger? If you feel the answer is yes, call 911, or get yourself to safety.

If you are not in danger, proceed to our next point.

Do You Have Roadside Assistance?

If roadside assistance is offered for free through your insurance company or you pay for this service through AAA or another organization, here’s your opportunity to make use of it. Be prepared, however, to wait until the person providing assistance can get to you.

Opt For A Car Locksmith

Chances are that a car locksmith can get you out of your predicament faster than roadside assistance. Mobile locksmith companies that offer emergency services can arrive quickly and use specialized tools to unlock your car and let you in. Here in the greater Houston area, our company, A&M Mobile Locksmith, can conveniently provide this useful service for you.

Additional Locksmith Services

We can help you with other lock and key services, too, beyond emergency lockout help, including the following:

  • Car Key Replacement
  • Creating New Electronic Car Keys
  • Rekeying Car Locks And The Ignition
  • Locksmith Services For Your Home
  • Locksmith Services For Your Business

To learn more about how A&M Mobile Locksmith can serve you, get in touch with us today!