Whether you’re dealing with a home break-in or burglary at your business, there is no denying that these instances do a lot more damage than just physical. Not only are you dealing with damage to a door or window and potentially the loss of possessions, but break-ins also rob us of a deeply-rooted peace of mind. If you’re looking for ways to recover and rebound after a break-in, start with these tips: 


Start With Professional Help

First things first, make sure you call the police to report the crime — preferably before you start sorting through things. The police will instruct you with how to proceed so they can gather evidence and record everything appropriately. This is a good idea not only to help make the investigation as smooth as possible from your end, but it will also help facilitate the process with your insurance provider when you go to make a claim. Then, as you go through your property, take photos of your own. This can help you determine what is missing, and it can provide additional support for your insurance claim. 


Repair Damage

Break-ins often cause damage to a window or door that will need to be repaired before your property can be secured once more. That may mean something smaller, like a metal plate to shore up a cracked door frame, or it may mean fully replacing the door, window, or frame. We suggest putting this high on your priority list because, without well-functioning doors and windows, your home is harder to secure. 


Change Your Locks ASAP

Once the investigation is in progress and you get the go-ahead from the police, the best way to protect your property and start building up peace of mind again is to change your locks. If your locks are still in decent shape, a simple rekeying will make it so that old keys won’t work anymore. However, after a break-in in particular, you may find that you want the added assurance that comes from new lock installation. Talk to your local 24-hour locksmith about options like high-security locks and keyless entry locks to provide a good security boost. 


Get a Security Assessment

While you’re working with your local locksmith, ask if they can provide a security assessment. Since we work with all manner of business and home security options, we are a great resource to help boost your property’s security. Better still, we can offer total flexibility in security measures. Since we see a lot of break-ins, and we keep up on advances in the industry, we can check over your property and provide suggestions for the best ways to boost security overall. 


After a break-in, your securing your property is paramount to giving you back that peace of mind. Trust to your local experts to help provide the customized, flexible security measures that will best protect your property: your local 24-hour locksmith. If you need help after a break-in in the Houston area, or you want to learn more about protecting your property, call A&M Mobile Locksmith today!